The Sequestran Dilemma – Chapter 4.10

Spoiling for a Fight

“Now look,” I replied, “this is a pretty serious situation for me. It’s hardly surprising that I might get a little confused is it? And anyway how stupid was it for head office to call you ‘Cat’ and your Dad ‘Cat’ too. I mean at least they could have given you numbers for goodness sake”

At that point the Mudlizard, who I’d completely forgotten about, piped up with,

“Can you two stop this please. I have some dismembering to plan.”

“Oh great,” I said, “a Mudlizard with a sense of humour. Well listen to me you member of the clan from mega-monsterland, you come anywhere too close to me and I’ll beat your brains out with your own tail.”

At that I swished the tail attached to my rear end back and forth, impressing myself with the ease with which I was now able to control it. Cat squirmed free of my hands and hovered in the air beside me, though a safe distance away. He was clearly keen to avoid being ‘batted’ around again by my Mudlizard appendage.

To be continued…….

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