Enjoy the first full-length Inspector and Cat novel ‘The Zygote Crystal’. Available on Amazon.

Laugh along with Tom, Earth’s foremost Intergalactic Tax Inspector as he travels through space and time with his robot companion called Cat, and his colleagues Joosthava and Krokus Joe, who are both Time Miners. In this adventure, they unearth a Mud Lizard plot to obtain a Zygote Crystal from the past. If Mud Lizards can get the Zygote Crystal into the 23rd Century then they will be able to AccEvolve and become so smart, that they will destroy Earth and take over running the whole Galaxy.

The book starts in the year 2170 when humans first encounter Mud Lizards on their home planet, Plasmolidium. The Mud Lizards murder Earth’s first explorers to Plasmolidium and send them back to Earth with a declaration of war. Earth then sends an armada which conquers Plasmolidium, exiling all surviving Mud Lizards to Amora. But this is just the start of the trouble.

After the Mud Lizards are exiled, the action moves to the present time, 2220, and the activities of the Inspector and his trusty companion Cat. They uncover a Mud Lizard plot to use a Zygote Crystal to gain the upper hand on Earth in the 23rd Century. After Cat is murdered, the Inspector teams up with the time miner Joosthava X Minot to get him back. The 3 of them then join forces with Krokus Joe, another time miner, to tackle a pair of Mud Lizards who have traveled back to Jurassic Earth, to get the Zygote Crystal.

Enjoy the fun, as the Inspector does his best to inadvertently wreck the team’s efforts to thwart the Mud Lizard plot.