Education in the 23rd Century

Since the early 22nd Century, there have been hardly any schools or universities on Earth. The need for them slowly died out as virtual learning became ever more sophisticated and the ‘school’ or ‘university’ came to wherever you were whenever you wanted it to, as did your classmates.

Children learn now from the age of 6 months at virtual School and carry on in that way as they grow, occasionally visiting key physical facilities when they need to, either because the facility is of key historical interest or because they need to attend one of the few remaining specialist learning and research centres.

The old progression from junior school to senior school and then college or university has disappeared, and people just learn continuously through forms of virtual reality. The old formal qualifications that people used to collect including university degrees became redundant and were replaced ultimately by digital markers encoded in their DNA. A simple thumbprint can be used to authenticate and showcase one’s skills and knowledge to any prospective employer.

Of course, as mentioned, there are still a few physical places of learning or higher academies as they are called, where dusty old President Professors pretend to do worthwhile research and find out things that the Artificial Intelligences can’t…….

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