The Sequestran Dilemma – Chapter 3.2

Sprechen sie Mudlizard?

At this point I felt like I was drifting slowly through whatever space or location I was in. Shapes continued to appear and disappear, some flying by me and, bizarrely, some passing right through me. Or at least that’s how it felt. When that happened I could feel my entire body, which was still slightly distended, vibrate rather alarmingly. Over time, wherever I was had grown appreciably lighter and I could see around me quite clearly as I continued to drift like a grain of pollen in the wind. My voice had also recovered and when I spoke now what came out was at a normal speed, or so it felt to me.

“Where exactly are we?” I said to Cat, who was still hovering by the top end of my body.

He had been silent for a while and remained so, staring at me in quite an intimidating manner I thought. His whiskers twitched noticeably.

“Well,” I said, “cat got your tongue?”

Of course in normal circumstances I would have thought saying that to him was quite funny. But I was close to delivering my last 3 meals at explosive pace through my rear end right then, so I didn’t laugh.

Once again he just stared at me, transfixing his green eyes on my mouth and then finally, he spoke, “Say ‘what’ again,”

“What, what, WHAT?” I yelled at him.

“Anything,” said Cat.

“I didn’t say ‘anything’,” I replied somewhat testily.

“No, no. I don’t mean the word ‘anything’. I don’t mean just that word. I mean just say ‘anything’, said Cat.

Now it can was my turn to blink and stare. I mean what did he mean by ‘say anything’?


“Eh? Are you nuts?” I yelled back as best I could. “What’s wrong with you? Have you gone deaf? Can you not hear me you rubberised tin can?”

“Oh I can hear you alright. I’m just a bit stunned that’s all,” responded Cat.

“By what?” I queried, “by the situation? If so, join the club.”

“Not so much by the situation,” answered Cat, “more by the fact you are talking to me in fluent ‘Mudlizard’ as opposed to the usual Earth bound language you normally use.”

To be continued…….

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