The Sequestran Dilemma – Chapter 2

Our New Mission

Cat and I traveled by at maximum speed in our hovercar, some 900 miles per hour, once we had had reached the Gold ceiling of the Skyway. Hovercars used by the general populace could seldom exceed 250mph, traveling as they usually had to in the public ‘red ceiling’. Of course, well to do folk, earning above average credits, could afford the extra to pay to fly on the green ceiling where traffic was lighter and speeds accordingly greater. Really rich people, airstars, championship unicorn jockeys and successful commssters, could afford passes into the GoZone layer and enjoy speeds in excess of 500mph. In the Gold ceiling, reserved for VIPS and emergency services, there was no speed limit.

Cat had calculated that our journey from the security Skystation over North Zone 1 of the GsESC, the G-Soft Economic and Social Consortium, to London Central would take roughly 35 minutes.

Goodness me, I thought, I hadn’t visited the Old Thames Bridge since I was knee high to a Droid. I remembered going there on an actual physical visit with my junior class’s history Droid. It was very rare in the late 22nd Century to go anywhere outside of your own home when learning and even more so to go outside of your own Consortium. However at the time the Presidents of G-Soft and AppZone were very keen for their respective Consortia to have real exchanges. As ever, whilst Consortia fought ferociously through techno-economic means on a daily basis, each trying to ruin the other, education rose above it all. Actually, I’ve always thought this was because the Consortia, Amazonia included, must have worked out that education exchange was one way for their young people to find out enough about a rival consortium to help ruin them after graduation.

To be continued…….

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